Deadline for Application: December 31, 2023


Description: The UPG Sustainability Leadership Class of 2024 is a fully funded program for young leaders from all over the world who are passionate about sustainability. The program is designed to help participants develop the skills and knowledge they need to become effective sustainability leaders in their communities and beyond. The program will take place in the United States in 2024 and will include a mix of in-person and online learning. Participants will learn from leading experts in sustainability, develop their own sustainability projects, and have the opportunity to network with other young leaders from around the world.


Education: The program is open to applicants of all educational backgrounds.

Application: To apply, please visit the UPG Sustainability Leadership website and complete the online application form.

Click Here to Apply

We encourage you to apply if you are a young leader who is passionate about sustainability and wants to make a difference in the world.

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